Hanna’s Hope at Founders Square

Hanna’s Hope is a non – profit charity that helps children with special needs get the care and equipment they need to thrive and reach their full potential. Hanna’s Hope also ensures that communities become more accessible and inclusive to all. This is where Hanna’s Hope at Founders Square emerges.




Hanna’s Hope at Founders Square is located at 6300 Founders Square, Portage, IN 46368. It features a wheelchair swing, sensory play, and more! This is a place where all kids can play and explore together. Portage residents have the privilege of having this located right downtown. It is right next to the Splash Pad, and within walking distance to the Portage Little League Fields and the Amphitheater.




Any day in the spring, summer, or fall you can find this park packed with giggling children. This is not only an amazing park, but a sign of community. This park was built from countless hours of volunteer time, community help and support, sponsors and donations.  This is a where people joined together to create something extraordinary for ALL the children in the community.

If you would like to follow Hanna’s Hope and all the great work they do, click here.



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